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Fernando Ezequiel (Pino) Solanas was born on february 16, 1936, died on november 6th, 2020. He studied theatre, music and law. In 1962, he directed his first short feature «Seguir andando» and in 1968 he covertly produced and directed his first long film «La Hora de los Hornos», a documentary on neo-colonialism and violence in Latin America. The film won several international awards and was screened secretly in Argentina and openly around the world. Solanas won the Grand Jury Prize and the Critics Award at the Venice Film Festival and the Prix de la mise en scène at the Cannes Film Festival. He was awarded a special Honorary Golden Bear at the 2004 Berlin Film Festival. He collaborated with tango composer and musician Ástor Piazzolla on the soundtracks for various movies.


1962 Seguir andando
1963 Reflexión ciudana
1969 La hora de los hornos (Die Stunde der Hochöfen)
1971 Revolución justicalista
1971 Actualisación politica y doctrinaria
1978 Hijos de fierro (Söhne des Fierro)
1980 Le regard des autres
1985 Tangos ? el exilio de Gardel (Tangos ? Das Exil von Gardel)
1987 Sur (Süden)
1992 El viaje (Die Reise)
1998 La nube (Die Wolke)
2004 Memoria del saqueo (Documentary)
2005 La dignidad de los nadies (Documentary)
2007 Argentina latente (Documentary)
2008 La próxima estación (Documentary)
2009 Tierra sublevada: Oro impuro (Documentary)
2011 Tierra sublevada: Oro negro (Documentary)
2013 La guerra del fracking (Documentary)
2016 El legado estratégico de Juan Perón (Documentary)
2018 A Journey to the Fumigated Towns (Documentary)
2020 Tres a la deriva (Documentary) (post-production)


Dignidad de los nadies, La (Flyer)

Dignidad de los nadies, La (2005)

This film is about the degraded socio-economic condition of Argentina leading to the December 2001 rebellions, and its consequent social chaos analyzed by focusing on real people from Buenos Aires poorest shantytowns, crumbling hospitals, and women middle class farmers fighting multi national banks that are shamelessly appropriating their farmlands. More

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  • The Dignity of the Nobodies - La dignidad de los nadies DVD
    DVD The Dignity of the Nobodies
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    DVD trigon-film edition: Argentina
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Memoria del saqueo (Flyer)

Memoria del saqueo (2004)

After the fall of the military dictatorship in 1983, successive democratic governments launched a series of reforms purporting to turn Argentina into the world's most liberal and prosperous economy. Less than twenty years later, the Argentinians have lost literally everything: major national companies have been sold well below value to foreign corporations; the proceeds of privatizations have been diverted into the pockets of corrupt officials; revised labour laws have taken away all rights from employees; in a country that is traditionally an important exporter of foodstuffs, malnutrition More

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La nube (Flyer)

La nube (1998)

An eclectic group of actors struggle to save their theater from being demolished and replaced with a shopping mall. Max, the leader of the troupe, is a workaholic director who abandoned his family to build his career and is forced to confront the daughter he deserted. Then there is Enrique, the playwright-poet who is reduced to pawning his belongings to sustain his livelihood when his state pension is severed. Finally, there is Fulo who is driven to succeed so that she can bring her daughter from Rio de Janeiro. (L. Wong) More

El viaje (Flyer)

El viaje (1992)

A young man living in a cold southern village in South America, decides to start a trip looking for his father. By doing this he discovers unexpected facts about his Latin American essence. More

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Sur (Flyer)

Sur (1988)

Floreal is released from prison prior to the end of a military coup d'état in 1983. Coming home he discovers that his wife has cheated on him and so is not sure he wants to return to his former life and family. A friend called El-Negro, who was killed during the miliary coup in the streets of Buenos Aires, appears in the night with a special mission: to help Floreal face what has happened when he was serving time in prison. El-Negro helps him to live through the important events that happened in his absence. More

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Tangos - el exilio de Gardel (Flyer)

Tangos - el exilio de Gardel (1985)

Fernando Solanas had to spend several years in exile, some of them in Paris. There he tells us the story of people from Argentina spending their time in Paris and longing for Buenos Aires. It's a dancing groupe that works on a piece of an Argentinian composer, and music and dance play an important role. Politics of course too. One of the strongest movies about living in exile.  More

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  • Tangos, the Exile of Gardel DVD
    DVD Tangos, the Exile of Gardel
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Hora de los hornos, La (Flyer)

Hora de los hornos, La (1968)

Notes and Testimonies on Neocolonialism, Violence and Liberation” is one of the symbols of cultural and political resistence in the 60-70s generation. The film is a reflection essay on the socio-political situation of Argentina between 1945 and 1968. It was filmed clandestinely in Cold War times in a Latin America rules by pro-American oligarchies and military dictatorships. The work is a four-hours-long trilogy divided in chapters and united by the themes of dependence and liberation. More

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