Black Dog

by Guan Hu, China, 2024
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On the edge of the Gobi desert in Northwest China, Lang returns to his hometown after being released from jail. While working for the local dog patrol team to clear the town of stray dogs before the Olympic Games, he strikes up an unlikely connection with a black dog. These two lonely souls now embark on a new journey together.

Festivals & awards

Festival de Cannes 2024, Un certain regard: Prix Un certain regard


Original Title
Gou Zen
Black Dog
Directed by
Guan Hu
106 min.

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Press voices

«A magnificently shot, moody and moving fable.» Variety

«Star Eddie Peng is impressive... His physically expressive performance makes up for his character’s taciturn nature.» ScreenDaily

«Guan’s strong visual direction ensures that Black Dog never ceases to be interesting [...] The film is the most wholesome neo-noir we’ve seen in a while.» IndieWire

«A thriller out of the ordinary, Black Dog features breathtaking, sumptuously filmed shots of hundreds of stray dogs in the Gobi desert or rickety industrial buildings, in a tale full of suspense and surprises that delve deep into the theme of the relationship between man and animal.» Le Parisien

«One of the best films of the Cannes Film Fest.» FirstShowing

«Black Dog is a great film of atmosphere and cinematography... Guan Hu draws a film that is not devoid of humor.» Trois Couleurs