Mohamed Malas was born in 1945 in Syria's Kuneitra, not far from the border with present-day Israel, which destroyed the important Kuneitra traffic junction in the Six-Day War. Now Malas flashes back to the time between 1936 and 1967. In Al Leil he depicts the childhood of a boy who, as an adult, reconstructs the footsteps of his father, the times of constant absence. One day he hadn't appeared at all after having fought for democracy for years and hardly found time for his family, for his private life. The boy grew up with his mother. Through her, the boy also learns a part of his father's story.

Original Title Al Leil
German Title Die Nacht
French Title La nuit
Other Titles La notte - The Night
Directed by Mohamed Malas
Country Syria
Available Formats 35mm, DVD, DCP
Screenplay Mohamed Malas, Ussama Mohamed
Film Editing Kais Al Zubaidi
Soundtrack Vahe Demrejian
Cinematography Youssef Ben Youssef
Sound Gilles Baste, Pascale Baste
Production Organisme national du cinéma; Maram for cinema, Libanon; La Sept, Frankreich
Runtime 119 Min.
Language Arabisch/d/f oder i
Sabah Jazairi Wissal, die Mutter
Fares Al Helou Alallah, der Vater
Omar Malas Alallah, das Kind
Maher Sleibi Awad, der Friseur
Riad Chahrour Wissals Vater
Nada Homsi Awads Frau
Nizar Abou Hajar der Cheickh
Rafiq Sbei Kämpfer; Präsident

Goldener Tanit (Bester Film) Karthago, 1992; Grosser Preis Fribourg, 1993; Grosser Preis Brügge, 1993; Selektion Internationales Forum des Jungen Films, Berlin 1993


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