Seclusion Near a Forest

During an excursion, a family from the big city discovers an old farmhouse. They spend their holidays there and would love to buy the house. The owner, an old farmer, seems to agree, only he wants to determine the time of the sales himself. In the meantime, the two children become friends with the old farmer. Tom Milne writes in Time Out: "After five years of political disgrace, Jiří Menzel was still cautious and skilfully avoided any dangerous engagements or interpretations in Seclusion Near a Forest. It is a feather-light comedy about the difficulties of living as a city family in the countryside (...). The excellent camera work casts a shimmering, summery haze over the fine mixture of tenderness and humour with which Menzel typically observes human weaknesses - making the film a magical conjuration of a lost, simpler and more relaxed world."

Original Title Seclusion Near a Forest
German Title Das einsame Haus am Waldesrand
French Title La maison à l'orée du bois
Other Titles A Cottage Near the Woods - Na samotě u lesa
Directed by Jiri Menzel
Country Czech Republic
Available Formats DCP
Screenplay Zdenek Sverák, Ladislav Smoljak
Film Editing Jirina Lukesová
Soundtrack Jirí Sust
Cinematography Jaromír Sofr
Sound Adam Kajzar
Décors Zbynek Hloch, Vladimir Macha
Costumes Zdena Stepánová
Production Jan Suster
Runtime 95 Min.
Language Tschechisch/d/f
Josef Kemr Deda Komárek
Zdenek Sverák Oldrich Lavicka
Daniela Kolárová Lavicková
Marta Hradílková Zuzana Lavicková
Martin Hradílek Petr Lavicka
Ladislav Smoljak Radim Zvon
Jan Tríska Dr. Václav Houdek

«Wenn man bei uns von „dem tschechischen Film“ spricht, meint man das Genre des Menzel-Films, diese merkwürdigste Verbindung von Weltweisheit, Einfalt, Bosheit, Poesie und Witz.» Tagesspiegel


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