Dao ma tse - Dao ma zei


Dao ma tse - Dao ma zei

Norbu is a nomad who lives with his wife and his child in the mountainous highland of tibet as a shepherd. He belongs to an ethnic minority and from time to time he sees himself compelled to act as a horse thief in order to provide his family with food. But the day Norbu tries to steal some treasures of a temple the community excludes and banishes him.

Living in exile, he loses his son. After his last theft of a horse he sacrifices himself in order to save his wife and his second child. He starts for the place of the divine burial where the saint vultures will eliminate his body so taht his soul can get to heaven.

Original Title Dao ma tse - Dao ma zei
German Title Der Pferdedieb
French Title Le voleur de chevaux
Other Titles The Horse Thief
Directed by Zhuangzhuang Tian, Peicheng Pan
Country China
Available Formats 35mm
Screenplay Zhang Rui
Film Editing Li Jingzhong
Soundtrack Qu Xiaosong
Cinematography Hou Yong, Zhao Fei
Sound Dong-zhi Hui
Décors Huo Jianqi
Costumes Xu Xiaoping
Production Xi'an Film Studio
Runtime 100 Min.
Language Tibetanisch/d/f
Tshehang Rinzin Norbu
Dan Jiji Norbus Frau
Daiba Grandma
Drashi Grandpa
Gaoba Nowre
Jamco Jayang Tashi

Festival de Fribourg, distribution award


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