Ein blutroter Morgen - Xuese qing chen


Ein blutroter Morgen - Xuese qing chen

Shaohong LiChina – 1990

The young teacher Li Mingguang is to be murdered in the north of China because of having taken the virginity from the young girl Li Pingwa. The whole family wants to take revenge on him for that, even the whole village.
Critical of society, the film is about the backgrounds origin of the deed. This is shown through the inquiries on the part of the prosecution, the conversations between the villagers and the social structures of the place.

Original Title Ein blutroter Morgen - Xuese qing chen
German Title Ein blutroter Morgen
French Title Un matin couleur de sang
Other Titles Una mattina di colore sangue
Directed by Shaohong Li
Country China
Available Formats 35mm
Screenplay Li Shaohong, Xiao Mao
Film Editing Zhou Xinhxia, Liu Xiaojing
Soundtrack Meng Weidong
Cinematography Zeng Nianping
Production Peking Film Studio, China
Runtime 100 Min.
Language Mandarin/d/f
Hu Yajie Lehrer Li Mingguang
Zhao Jun Li Pingwa
Xie Xan Li Gouwa, Li Pingwas Bruder
Kong Lin Li Hongxieng
Lu Hui Dorfvorsteher
Wang Guangquan Ermittler

Grosser Preis am Festival von Nantes 1992
Grosser Preis in Fribourg, 1993.


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