Meghe dhaka tara


Meghe dhaka tara

Ritwik GhatakIndia – 1960

The film tells the story of Nita, a beautiful young woman who lives with her family, refugees from East Pakistan, in the suburbs of Calcutta. Nita is a self-sacrificing person who is constantly exploited by everyone around her, even her own family, who take her goodness for granted. Her life is ridden with personal tragedy: she loses first her fiancé, then her job and finally her health by contracting tuberculosis. It is only when she collapses that her family begins to realize what they have done to her. Her mostly absent would-be singer brother is the only person who cares about her.

Original Title Meghe dhaka tara
German Title Der verborgene Stern
French Title L´étoile cachée
Other Titles The Cloud-Capped Star - Hidden Star
Directed by Ritwik Ghatak
Country India
Available Formats 35mm, DCP
Screenplay Ritwik Ghatak
Film Editing Ramesh Joshi
Soundtrack Jyotirindra Maitra
Cinematography Dinen Gupta
Sound Mrinal Guhathakurta, Abani Chattopadhyay
Décors Ravi Chatterjee, Subodh Das
Costumes Sakti Sen (Makeup)
Production Chitrakalpa, Indien/Bengalen
Runtime 126 Min.
Language Bengali/d/f
Supriya Choudhury Nita
Anil Chattopadhyay Shankar
Bijon Bhattacharya Vater
Gita De Mutter
Niranjan Ray Sanat
Dwiju Bhawal Mantu

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