PEQUEÑAS VOCES is a unique and powerful hybrid documentary with computer animation which tells the real life stories and experiences of displaced children in Colombia.

PEQUEÑAS VOCES is an animated documentary based on interviews and drawing workshops with a new generation of children (8 to 13 years old) who have grown up in middle of violence and chaos in Colombia; the interviews show how they perceive their reality. Those stories are illustrated and animated using the original drawings by the children.

Original Title Pequeñas voces
German Title Pequeñas voces - Stille Stimmen
French Title Petites voix
Other Titles Piccole voci
Directed by Jairo Eduardo Carrillo
Country Colombia
Available Formats Blu-ray
Screenplay Jairo Eduardo Carrillo und Oscar Andrade
Film Editing Jairo Eduardo Carrillo und Oscar Andrade
Soundtrack Songo Studio
Cinematography Manuel D'Macedo y David Correa (Animation)
Sound Boom Producciones, José Alberto Gutiérrez, Emilio José Perino
Décors Adela Manotas
Production Francisco Huérfano, Carolina Salazar, Andrés Rodríguez
Runtime 75 Min.
Language Spanisch/d/f

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