A minor clerk, Bashmachkin, replaces his threadbare overcoat with one made from the finest materials he can afford. Then one evening ruffians beat him up and steal his cherished new garment. The actors’ highly stylized gestures border on modern dance, and Bashmachkin’s world, especially as he begins to lose his grasp on reality, is powerfully rendered with looming shadows, oblique camera angles and eccentric architecture.

Original Title Shinel - Der Mantel
German Title Der Mantel
French Title Le manteau
Other Titles The Overcoat - Sinel
Directed by Grigori Kosinzew Leonid Trauberg
Country Russia
Available Formats DVD, Blu-ray, DCP
Screenplay Juri Tynjanow nach Erzählungen von Nikolaj Gogol
Cinematography Andrei Moskwin, Evgeni Michajlow
Sound stumm
Décors Yevgeni Yenej
Production Leningradkino
Runtime 78 Min.
Language Stumm mit Piano, Russ. Inserts/d oder f
Andrej Kostrickin
Antonina Eremeewa
Sergej Gerasimow
Aleksej Kapler
Janina Zejmo

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