Yusuf is a poet, trapped between countryside and big city, who returns to his small hometown after five years after receiving the news of the death of his mother. Ayla, a distant relative, awaits him in his now run-down home. He makes friends with Ayla and the mother's absence causes an argument with his own self.

Original Title Yumurta - Egg
German Title Yumurta - Ei
French Title Yumurta - Oeuf
Other Titles Uovo
Directed by Semih Kaplanoglu
Country Turkey
Available Formats 35mm, DVD, Blu-ray
Screenplay Semih Kaplanoglu
Film Editing Ayhan Ergürsel, Suzan Hande Güneri, Semih Kaplanoglu
Cinematography Özgür Eken
Sound Ismail Karadas
Décors Naz Erayda
Production Semih Kaplanoglu
Runtime 97 Min.
Language Türkisch/d/f
Nejat Isler Yusuf
Saadet Aksoy Ayla
Ufuk Bayraktar Haluk
Tülin Özen Sahaftaki Kadin
Gülçin Santýrcýoðlu Gül
Kaan Karabacak Çapaci Çocuk
Semra Kaplanoglu Zehra

Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival: Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Newcomer

Fajr Film Festival: Best Director, Best Technical Achievement For Cinematography, Best Technical Achievement For Inematography

Istanbul International Film Festival: Golden Tulip, Best Film

Sarajevo Film Festival: Heart of Sarajevo, Best Actress

«Zu den glücklichsten Momenten im Leben einer Filmkritikerin gehört die Entdeckung von Filmemachern, die mit Leichtigkeit sinnfiebernde Werke auf die Leinwand zu malen vermögen und darüber hinaus auch fähig sind, alle weiteren Fragen zu stellen, die hinter die Oberfläche und zur Keimzone der Bilder führen.» Alexandra Stäheli, NZZ


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