Eliseo Subiela

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1963 Un largo silencio (Dok)
1965 Sobre todo estas estrellas (Dok)
1969 Argentina, mayo de 1969: los caminos de la liberación (inédita)
1980 La conquista del paraíso
1986 Hombre mirando a sudeste
1989 Ultimas imágenes del naufragio
1992 El lado oscuro del corazón
1995 No te mueras sin decirme a dónde vas
1996 Despabílate amor
1997 Pequeños milagros
2000 Las aventuras de Dios
2001 El lado oscuro del corazón 2
2005 Lifting de corazón
2007 El resultado del amor
2008 No mires para abajo
2010 Rehén de ilusiones
2012 Paisajes devorados

Las aventuras de Dios (Flyer)

Las aventuras de Dios (2001)

Cinema is the art of remembrance and Eliseo Subiela is one of the most gifted artists of remembrance in cinema. In this film, which particularly reconnects with his first films, Subiela makes us float between realities, between the inside and the outside, between here and beyond, between love and abandonment. More

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  • The Adventures of God- Las aventuras de Dios DVD
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Pequeños milagros (Flyer)

Pequeños milagros (1997)

Rosalie is a cashier at a supermarket. She lives alone, loves reading fairy tales and hides in a magic fantasy world in order to survive living in the real one. She thinks she is a fairy who came on a mission and got caught in this world. Santiago is a scientist who works in an international research project to detect signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. He is a lonely man who lives with his dog and his computer, watching Rosalia at the bus-stop, where he has installed a web camera. Rosalía finds she has some extra-sensory powers and thinks three young women she knows are fairies. More

Despabílate amor (Flyer)

Despabílate amor (1996)

When a group of former high school pals who came of age during a brutal Argentinean dictatorship reunite 25 years after their graduation, old bonds are reexamined and old wounds are reopened in this poetic comedy drama. Among other issues, Ernesto must deal with his former love’s (marriage to his onetime best buddy Ricardo. A series of flashbacks explore the intertwining stories of these old friends. A film with a lot of music, that provokes nostalgic feelings, for sure among viewers of the same age as the main characters. More

No te mueras sin decirme adónde vas (Flyer)

No te mueras sin decirme adónde vas (1995)

Don‘t Die without Telling Me Where You‘re Going is an extraordinary film by a remarkable director, Eliseo Subiela (Man Looking Southeast, Dark Side of the Heart).This is masterful filmmaking that brings to life an invisible dimension of our world: auras, souls, spirits. William and Rachel have loved each other in various lives. In the life this movie depicts, William is Leopoldo, lives in Buenos Aires, and is working on an invention: a dream collector. While testing his invention, he finds Rachel, who in this life is a soul. More

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    DVD Don't die without telling me...
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El lado oscuro del corazón (Flyer)

El lado oscuro del corazón (1992)

Oliverio is a young poet living in Buenos Aires where sometimes he has to sale his ideas to an advertising agencie in order to make a living or exchange his poems for a steak. One night he meets a prostitute in a bar in Montevideo. Her name is Ana and soon he falls in love with her. Back in Buenos Aires, he accepts a contract with a publicity agencie to get the money for three days of love with her. Will he get what his searching for when his ideal of love's pleasure is literaly going in levitation while making love? More

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Últimas imágenes del naufragio (Flyer)

Últimas imágenes del naufragio (1989)

Robert is an insurance employee and has been unhappily married for many years. He dreams of becoming a writer. One day he saves the mysterious Laura from suicide. At first this proves to be a real stroke of luck for him: not only does she provide him with stories from her life, which he can put on paper, she also has everything he needs for his happiness. Robert falls head over heels in love with the beautiful woman, unaware of what this will bring him. More

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Hombre mirando al sudeste (Flyer)

Hombre mirando al sudeste (1986)

Man Facing Southeast is a drama-science fiction film fro Argenina, written and directed by Eliseo Subiela. It was selected as the Argentine entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 60th Academy Awards. More

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