Looking For Gilles Caron


Looking For Gilles Caron

Mariana OteroFrance – 2020

Gilles Caron, at the peak of a dazzling career as a photojournalist, suddenly disappeared in Cambodia in 1970. He was barely 30 years old. In the space of 6 years, he was one of the major witnesses of his time, covering for the greatest magazines the Six Day War, May 68, the North Irish conflict or the Vietnam War. When director Mariana Otero discovered Gilles Caron's work, a photograph caught her attention, echoing his own story, the disappearance of a loved one who left behind only images to be deciphered. She then plunges into the 100,000 shots of the photoreporter to give him back a presence and tell the story of his so singular gaze.

Original Title Looking For Gilles Caron
German Title Die Geschichte eines Blicks
French Title Histoire d'un regard
Other Titles Looking For Gilles Caron
Directed by Mariana Otero
Country France
Available Formats DCP
Screenplay Mariana Otero, Jérôme Tonnerre
Film Editing Agnès Bruckert
Soundtrack Dominique Massa
Cinematography Karine Aulnette, Hélène Louvart
Sound Martin Sadoux
Décors Mila Preli
Production Archipel 33
Runtime 93 Min.
Language Französisch, Irisch/d + f
Marjolaine Caron Marjolaine Caron
Ursula Duddy Ursula Duddy
Fiona Gallagher Fiona Gallagher
John Hutton John Hutton
Vincent Lemire Vincent Lemire
Dolores O'Grady Dolores O'Grady
Robert Pledge Robert Pledge
Diamantino Quintas Diamantino Quintas
Dokumentarische Form
Film documentaire

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