Shizukanaru Ketto

Akira KUROSAWAJapan – 1949

At the end of the war, doctor Fujisaki is wounded during an emergency operation in the hospital. A little later he notices that the patient is suffering from syphilis and that he has infected himself. Fearing to pass on the disease, he breaks up with his fiancée after the war and silently fights his illness with the means available at the time. His former patient, however, lives carelessly and marries; his deformed child is born dead. The "Arztfilm" was a popular genre in the post-war years, especially in Germany. Kurosawa, who had already focused on a doctor in Drunken Angel the year before, adapted a successful play here.

Original Title Shizukanaru Ketto
German Title Das stumme Duell
French Title Le duel silencieux
Other Titles Il duello silenzioso
Directed by Akira KUROSAWA
Country Japan
Available Formats HD, Blu-ray
Screenplay Kazuo Kikuta, Akira Kurosawa, Senkichi Taniguchi
Film Editing Masanori Tsujii
Soundtrack Akira Ifukube
Cinematography Soichi Aisaka
Sound Mitsuo Hasegawa
Décors Koichi Imai
Production Hisao Ichikawa, Sojiro Motoki
Runtime 95 Min.
Language Japanisch/d
Toshiro Mifune Dr. Kyoji Fujisaki
Takashi Shimura Dr. Konosuke Fujisaki
Miki Sanjo Misao Matsumoto
Kenjiro Uemura Susumu Nakada
Chieko Nakakita Takiko Nakada

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