You Will Die At 20


You Will Die At 20

Amjad Abu AlalaSudan – 2019

Sudan, province of Aljazira, nowadays - When Muzamil was born, a prophecy by the holy man of the village predicts that he will die when he is 20 years old. Muzamil’s father cannot stand the doom and travels away from home. Sakina, as a single mother, raises her son with over protection. One day, Muzamil turns 19.

Original Title You Will Die At 20
German Title You Will Die At 20
French Title Tu mourras à 20 ans
Other Titles You Will Die At 20
Directed by Amjad Abu Alala
Country Sudan
Available Formats
Screenplay Amjad Abu Alala, Yousef Ibrahim
Film Editing Hiba Osman
Soundtrack Amine Bouhafa
Cinematography Sébastien Goepfert
Sound Rana Eid
Production Station Film, Sudan
Runtime 105 Min.
Language Arabisch/d/f
Bunna Khalid Naima
Mahmoud Elsaraj Sulaiman
Islam Mubarak Sakina
Mustafa Shehata Muzamil
Talal Afifi Alnoor

2019 Venice Film Festival

Egypt’s El Gouna Film Festival
Best Film

Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage
Prix du Meilleur scénario; Prix de la meilleure première œuvre Tahar Chariaa

Festival du film international d'Amiens
Grand Prix du Jury

Toronto Film Festival
Contemporary World Cinema

«Travaillant avec une précision remarquable sur l'intensité des visages et les couleurs des costumes, le prometteur Amjad Abu Alala (qui a écrit le scénario avec Yousef Ibrahim) livre un message politique subtil sous une narration qui tient délicatement le fil du suspense, mélange mythe et réalisme, et décortique avec délicatesse les relations mère-fils et père-fils. Des qualités qui font de lui un cinéaste à suivre de très prèscineuropa

Sudan became independent in 1956, after having spent more than half a century under Anglo Egyptian rule. For thirty years, the country has been ruled by Omar el-Beshir, brought to power by a coup in 1989. He appointed himself leader of the Revolutionary Command Council for National Salvation, turning Sudan into a dictatorship. By 1991, he applied the Islamic law, accelerating the opposition between the Muslim North of the country, and the christian and animist South. In 2009, he was vainly charged by the International Criminal Court of crimes against humanity and genocide because of his participation in the Darfur civil war. December 2018, a huge wave of protest began in the North of the country, because of the rise in bread prices, and a general impoverishment, since the independence in 2011 of South-Sudan, an oil-rich region. The government violently fought the demonstrators throughout the country, injuring or killing tens of Sudanese citizens. On April 11, Omar el-Beshir is overthrown by a military coup. Demonstrations went on, asking the army to give back the power to civilians. On June 3, soldiers brutally get rid of a peaceful demonstrators camp set in front of the army headquarters in Khartoum: they left more than a hundred dead, a thousand injured, some rapes. In the beginning of July, an agreement is found: a transition regime will last at least three years, civilians and soldiers sharing the power.


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