Beautiful and troubled 20-something Donya, an Afghan translator who used to work with the U.S. government, has trouble sleeping. She lives by herself in Fremont, California, in a building with other Afghan immigrants and often dines alone at a local restaurant watching soap operas. Her routine changes when she’s promoted to writing the fortunes at her job at a fortune cookie factory in the city. As her fortunes are read by strangers throughout the Bay, Donya’s smoldering longing drives her to send a message out to the world, unsure where it will lead.

Shot in black and white, and with warmth and a wry sense of humor, director Babak Jalali has crafted a loving portrait of a young woman haunted by the past but still filled with desire for companionship and connection. Featuring a cast of unforgettable, unique characters, and anchored by a beguiling debut performance from real-life Afghan refugee Anaita Wali Zada, Fremont is an ode to the curious beauty of trying to build a new life in a strange land.

Original Title Fremont
German Title Fremont
French Title Fremont
Other Titles Fremont
Directed by Babak Jalali
Country United States
Available Formats
Screenplay Babak Jalali, Carolina Cavalli
Film Editing Babak Jalali
Soundtrack Mahmoud Schricker
Cinematography Laura Valladao
Sound Stefano Gross
Décors Rob Riutta
Costumes Caroline Sebastian
Production Marjaneh Moghimi, Sudnya Shroff, Rachael Fung, Laura Wagner, Chris Martin, George Rush
Runtime 91 Min.
Language Englisch, Dari, Kantonesisch/d/f
Anaita Wali Zada Donya
Hilda Schmelling Joanna
Jeremy Allen White Daniel
Avis See-tho Fan
Siddique Ahmed Salim
Taban Ibraz Mina
Timur Nusratty Suleyman
Gregg Turkington Dr. Anthony

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