Twilight Samurai - Tasogare Seibei


Twilight Samurai - Tasogare Seibei

Yoji YamadaJapan – 2003

Seibei Iguchi (Hiroyuki Sanada), a low-ranking samurai and family man, leads a life without glory as a bureaucrat in the mid-XIX century Japan. A widower, he has charge of two daughters (whom he adores) and a senile mother; he must therefore work in the fields and accept piecework to make both ends meet. New prospects seem to open up when Tomoe (Rie Miyazama), his long-time love, divorces a brutal husband. However, even as the Japanese feudal system is unraveling, Seibei remains bound by the code of honour of the samurai and by his own sense of social precedences. The consequences are cruel.

Original Title Twilight Samurai - Tasogare Seibei
German Title The Twilight Samurai
French Title Le samouraï du crépuscule
Other Titles The Twilight Samurai
Directed by Yoji Yamada
Country Japan
Available Formats 35mm, DVD, DCP
Screenplay Shuhei Fujisawa, Yoshitaka Asama
Film Editing Iwao Ishii
Soundtrack Yousui Inoue, Isao Tomita
Cinematography Mutusuo Naganuma
Sound Kazumi Kishida
Décors Hiroshi Kuze (Choreographie)
Production Hiroshi Fukazawa, Shigehiro Nakagawa, Ichirô Yamamoto
Runtime 129 Min.
Language Japanisch/d/f
Hiroyuki Sanada Iguchi Seibei
Rie Miyazawa Tomoe
Nenij Kobayashi Hisasaka Choubei
Min Tanaka Yogo Zenemon
Ren Osugi Kouda Toyatarou
Mitsuro Fukikoshi Michinojo Iinuma

12 Japanese Academy Awards 2003
Oscar-Nomination 2004
Publikumspreis am Far East Film Festival, Udine 2004

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