Clouds of May - Mayis Sikintisi


Clouds of May - Mayis Sikintisi

Nuri Bilge CeylanTurquie – 1999

This May in the town seems to be warmer and gloomier than the previous years. Still, everyone seems to be happy despite their small worries and lives closed for any surprises. However, this happiness is a little disturbed by the arrival of Muzaffer who has made up his mind to shoot a film in this town where he had passed his childhood. "Clouds of May" tells the story of Muzaffer, who returns to his native town to make a movie. His father, Emin, is bent on saving the small forest he cultivates on his property from confiscation by the authorities. His nephew, nine year-old Ali, who wants a musical watch. He has to carry an egg in his pocket for 40 days without cracking it, according to terms of an agreement made with his aunt, who has promised in return to convince Ali's father to purchase this much wanted item for his son. And Muzaffer's cousin, Saffet, who is a young town dweller whose affords are all doomed to failure by bad luck (or is it by his own rebelliousness) and who dreams of going to Istanbul.

Titre original Clouds of May - Mayis Sikintisi
Titre allemand Wolken im Mai
Titre français Nuages de mai
Autres titres Nuvole di maggio - May Clouds
Réalisation Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Pays Turquie
Scénario Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Montage Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Ayhan Ergürsel
Image Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Son Ismail Karadas
Equipment Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Production Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Durée 130 Min.
Langue Türkisch
Emin Ceylan Emin, Muzzafers Vater/père
Muzaffer Özdemir Muzaffer, Filmemacher/cinéaste
Fatma Ceylan Fatma, Muzzafers Mutter/mère
Mehmet Emin Toprak Saffet
Muhammad Zimbaoglu Ali
Sadik Incesu Sadik

000 - Berlin Film Festival.
· Official Selection in Competition

2000 - Istanbul Film Festival.
International competition.
· Golden Tulip (Best Film)
· Fibresci Prize

2000 - Alexandria Film Festival
· Special Jury Prize
· Best Actor (M.Emin Ceylan)
· Best Editing

2000 - Bruxelles Mediterranean Film Festival
· Best Film

2000 - Forum de Cinema (Strasbourg)
· Don Quijote Prize

2000 - European Academy Awards (FELIX)
· European Critic's Award

2001 - Premier Plans Film Festival, France
· Best Film (Grand Prix)
· Special Prize for Subtitling

2001 - Fajr Film Festival,Tehran, Iran
· Special Jury Prize

2001 - Bergamo Film Festival, Italy
· Silver 'Rosa Camuna'

2001 - Buanes Aires Film Festival, Argantina
· Best Director

2001 - Singapore Film Festival
· Special Jury Prize

2001 - Beirut Film Festival, Lebanon
· Best Director

2001 - Bangkok Film Festival, Thailand
· Best Script

2001 - MedFilm Festival, Roma, Italy
· Best Artistic Expression

2001 - Mallorca Film Festival, Spain
· Special Jury Prize

1999 - Antalya Film Festival
· Best Director
· Best Lab.
· Second Best Film
· Special Jury Prize for all actors

2000 - Istanbul Film Festival
National competition.
· Best Turkish Film
· Audiance Award

2000 - Ankara Film Festival
· Best Film

2000 - SIYAD Turkish Critics Awards
· Best Film
· Best Director


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